GratiTuesday: T.G.I.F.

Thank God it’s Finished!

This long slog of an election cycle has been going on since November 2014, when Jim Webb, former US Senator from Virginia, was the first candidate to form an exploratory committee for a possible run for president. On March 5, 2015, Mark Everson, a former Commissioner of Internal Revenue, formally announced his candidacy for the presidential nomination of the Republican Party (remember him?).

I have no idea why the presidential election cycle in the United States is so long and drawn out, but other, seemingly more reasonable countries, appear to have a much better handle on things. For instance, on Aug. 2, 2015, Canada dissolved its Parliament, clearing the way for new elections in October OF THE SAME YEAR. The campaign — all 78 days of it — was an unusually long one for the country.

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling completely beaten up and played out. The presidential race was unusually rancorous and mean – even for the US, and we’ve had some pretty nasty campaigns in our history. Even before the two major party’s candidates were chosen, verbal venom, bullying remarks, and vailed innuendos were traded among candidates from the same party.

Worse – because political candidates are, sadly, expected to act like 6-year-olds – was the ugliness among partisans and found on social media. Insults were thrown around without regard for their targets, friends were attacked and unfriended, and falsehoods were passed off as truths.

Tonight, one of the candidates will prevail. I did not use the word “win” because I don’t believe there will be a true winner this year. The person who gets the most Electoral College votes can start making plans to occupy the White House. The person who doesn’t get the required votes will need to decide what his or her next steps will be.

I very much hope that my candidate will succeed and I will be very apprehensive if the other candidate prevails. But, either way, I am concerned most for our country. The wounds that we’ve suffered won’t heal easily and the ugliness that we’ve witnessed won’t soon be forgotten. I’m afraid that they will continue long into the future and, if they do, they could threaten to split us at our core.

I am grateful that this election is over, but – either way the vote goes – I am worried about the results.

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37 thoughts on “GratiTuesday: T.G.I.F.”

  1. I agree. I am particularly worried about the threats of violence, about talk of the election being “rigged” , about Trump’s refusal to accept anything except his victory.

    I am hopeful that Hillary will win and will conduct herself the way she did when she was the Senator from NY. She didn’t throw her weight around (as a former first lady), but behaved as the junior senator, she was respectful, listened and worked hard.

    I agree with you, however, that other countries do it so much better than we.

    1. I know that she was well-respected in both her positions as Senator and Secretary of State, by both sides. Now, the opposition has created an evil cartoon cut-out of her. We’ll just have to see what happens, but I am very concerned.

  2. Aside from the ridiculous presidential race, the 800 California state props were enough to drive me crazy. Oh and then the mudslinging (sh*t-slinging a better word) from the senate races. OMG, it’s almost over. Or is it??

    1. Those propositions on the state ballot were nuts! I have a “cheat sheet” showing how I voted since no way would I be able to remember. I sure hope that it is almost over.

      Btw Terri, I don’t know if you’ve met Liesbet through your blog, but she and her husband are house sitting for an extended period in the Sacramento. I think you’d enjoy meeting each other – virtually or in person.

  3. I am physically exhausted from it all. I will not watch any media for poll predictions from the news media. I’d rather wait until it’s done (hopefully it won’t be like the Bush-Gore thing). Even voting today was exhausting. We can’t vote early so the polling places are mobbed. It only took us close to a half hour but my friend spent 2 hours in line with her handicapped husband.

    1. I’ve read about those long lines and I just don’t understand. The longest I’ve ever had to wait was – maybe – 15 minutes. I think it is scandalous that not enough polls or poll workers are made available. I would love to see our elections – especially the presidential elections – held over a few days, including at least one weekend day. It’s almost as if some districts don’t want their citizens to vote… oh, wait…

  4. I totally share your sentiment, Janis. Together with many others, I suspect. What a nasty race and I am worried for the future of this country. Mark and I can escape and pick up life on the road again, but many others will be stuck with the new president and all the changes that – and the recent events – will bring to the US.

    I wrote a blog about my take on voting in California – and all the propositions. If you have a moment, I would really appreciate your opinion about this in my comment section. Thanks! And, let’s hope for the best candidate to prevail tonight! We have bottles of wine at the ready…

  5. I share your fears of a polarized country. Compromise, which is the only way government works, seems no longer an option because of the vitriol spewed by the hard-liners on either side. We shall see. And yes, our election process takes far too long and costs far too much.

    1. I’m not sure when compromise became a bad thing. The opposition is already vowing to block any appointment if the other side wins the election. Sadly, their hardline constituents agree. I may spend the next four years traveling in a foreign country no matter who wins.

  6. She will be a far better president than candidate. Her ratings tend to increase when she is doing a job, than when she is running for one. I wrote recently and quoted several GOP leaders who raved on her work as Secretary of State, with one saying she may be one of our finest. This was before the election, as now she has been deemed god-awful.

  7. You are right on. This is how crazy this election is: A good friend of many years, an elected Democrat, a liberal Jewish man, told me he voted for Trump. He was astound that I, a former elected Republican, a fiscal conservative, voted for Hillary. Thank goodness he and I can agree to disagree. I fear that most of our country can’t do that.

    1. Interesting. I’m never surprised when Republicans, and especially fiscal conservatives, vote for HRC, but I am surprised that your friend went the other way. I’m glad you two can agree to disagree, though. I know a few friendships that have become strained over this election.

  8. Good lord, Jim Webb. I have indeed forgotten about him. It has been a ridiculously long slog. I’m so obsessed by the use of money in politics (re: Citizens United), Super Pacs, et. al, that I haven’t really thought a lot about the length of the process. But you’re right — it’s insanely long. The battle for governing will be hell starting in January, but at least this election will (hopefully) be over now.

  9. Sadly, I don’t think it’s going to be *over* for a long while.
    … but I really, really, really hope Clinton prevails. The alternative is frightening.

    1. The results were stunning. My husband and I have been talking about what to do next. It’s hard to imagine our country with not only Trump as president, but a supportive senate and congress… and Russian president.

  10. I had been glued to the news but it is becoming too painful to watch. Thinking of you all and sending my best ‘good luck vibes’ your way!

      1. I’m worried too. I have needed to give myself a much needed break from the news today.

  11. Oh God! First Brexit, now Trump. Where is it going to end. Anyone fancy setting up a new community on a remote Scottish island?

  12. “I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling completely beaten up and played out.”

    This is how survivors of psychological abuse describe their feelings. I think that something extraordinary happens to the people of the United States and I’m not sure we fully understand
    that we were played.

    1. I wonder too if those who voted for him thinking (or convincing themselves) that he was something else, will eventually understand that they were played. I had hoped that it might get better, but it is only getting worse by the day. Thank you for commenting.

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