Thursday Doors: Vibrant Oaxaca

Just as it was two years ago when we first traveled to Oaxaca, a good number of the pictures I took on our recent trip were of the beautiful and varied doors we saw. Colorful doors that hint at equally artistic interiors; grand doors of churches and historic buildings; decaying doors that wear the patina of time; iron gates and open portals that invite you to step inside. The doors found in Mexico are rich in color, diversity, and history – just like the country itself.

The first set of doors were among the most colorful ones in my collection. Either the door itself was painted a vibrant hue, or it was surrounded by colorful frames and walls.

A close-up of the door knocker

Thursday Doors is a link-up of fellow door aficionados generously hosted by Norm Frampton. Head over to his blog to view all the amazing doors he and others have posted.

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58 thoughts on “Thursday Doors: Vibrant Oaxaca”

  1. “Decaying doors that wear the patina of time”

    Beautiful phrasing! Your words were like music to my ears and the photos were sumptuous fare for my senses!

    Thank you!

    Susan Grace

  2. Fifty Shades of Doors! They are all so vibrant, I kept seeing new favorites as I scrolled down your post Janis. Those colorful doors and the bright sun would be such a draw to stay, and not return home … more so here in Michigan with a cold Winter around the corner,

  3. It’s the fun bright colour combinations that fascinate me most about this place.
    And that mermaid door knocker is pretty special too 😉

  4. How wonderful that you returned to that beautiful city, and stayed for so long. I keep thinking that one of these days, we will get to Oxaca. When we do, I will be sure to ask you for helpful hints.

  5. Beautiful collection, Janis. Just how I remember Oaxaca. Well, part of it anyway. 🙂 The buildings appear very well-maintained and who wouldn’t love all those colors? Do you think you took any duplicates from two years ago? Maybe with a different lick of paint?

  6. Those are gorgeous doors! Have you ever read Joe’s blog on “Month at a time Travel?” He has posted several times on Mexico, and they’re well worth reading.

    1. Yes, I’ve been following Joe since he spent a month in my city several years ago. We’ve even shared tips for our trips to Mexico (I think I was in Oaxaca first, he visited Guanajuato first), and I plan to follow his suggestions when I finally get to Spain and Portugal. Isn’t it wonderful how blogging has opened up our worlds and has provided opportunities to learn from each other?

  7. Janis, I love these doors. They are inviting. When we traveled to Ireland, we took delight in the colorful facades on shops up and down the streets. Even in the more plain buildings, the tenants colorfully painted rhe front doors. It is charming wherher it is in Oaxaca or Killarney. Keith

  8. These doors are so pretty, Janis. I love the building where the doors and windows have the large blue “frame” accent around them. The color sets the doors and windows off from the building color so well.

  9. Janis, You captured the beautiful colours and diversity of the doors. I am definitely curious about what lies behind all of the doors. The artwork depicting the people is intriguing. Ghost-like images in the background?

    1. Often what it behind the doors is even more glorious than the doors themselves… beautiful courtyards, colorful gardens, etc. I’m not sure about the ghost-like outlines on the arched doors. It almost appears that they might have been sketches for more paintings of figures.

  10. You’ve got a beautiful photo collection of doors. I like the iron work that adds extra protection, too. Thanks, Janis, for sharing these.

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