Photo101: Double

For today’s word assignment, “double,” I have two images. Both of them are of the two halves of a single fruit.

The first image is of a sliced dragon fruit. The insides were so beautiful, I took a picture before scooping out the flesh to eat.


The second image is of a pomegranate that had split in two on the vine.




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3 thoughts on “Photo101: Double”

  1. Somehow I missed this post. What incredible pictures – I’ve never heard of or seen a dragon fruit. It is gorgeous! I do love pomegranates and peel them the old-fashioned way, savor inn the plump ripeness and clarity of color with every seed I remove. It’s almost meditative (and that’s before I even taste!).

    1. Thank you! I had seen dragon fruit in the supermarket every once in awhile but never had the nerve to buy one before. I understand that they are the fruit of a cactus plant. The flesh is good, but mild, and it stands in stark contrast to its vibrant exterior.

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