GratiTuesday: Routine Comforts

That giant sigh of relief you may have heard this morning was my husband and me waking up to an empty home. After a week and a half of houseguests (first from his side of the family, then mine), we can now return to what is familiar and comfortable. We enjoyed having visitors, but we also love our day-to-day (some might describe them as boring) routines. Ahhhhhh.

I’ve spent my morning blissfully doing laundry, cleaning the guest bathroom, remaking the guest bed, straightening up and cleaning the kitchen and living room, and going through piles of neglected mail. These types of chores are not usually the highlights of my day but, today, I’m in my happy place.

I may venture out in the next few days (we will start to run out of leftovers eventually) but, for now, I am content to nestle in my calm, quiet, and stress-free nest.

I am grateful for our guests. They were enthusiastic, engaging, and having them encouraged us to be creative in coming up with things to do in our city. It was fun. Now that they are gone, I’m so grateful to be able to completely relax and enjoy our own company. As my husband and I settle back into our comfortable routines, I am reminded of how much I love my home, sweet, home.

The bed in the guestroom is made up and ready for visitors, just not too soon…

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      1. Indeed. Two younger kids ventured back to college this weekend, so we are empty nesters for the semester. It is nice for a change, although we do miss them.

  1. There really is ‘no place like home’, and nothing like ‘free time’ and ‘regular routines’.
    BTW – Your guest bed does look very comfy!☺️

      1. Hi, Janis – We took a side trip to Portugal . We figured if we were this close it would be a shame to miss it!

  2. Hi Janis,
    I can so clearly hear and feel the relief in your writing voice. Maybe that’s partly because I can so readily identify with your experience. I love cleaning and organizing at any time, but most particularly when I am reclaiming my home after guests or after a big project. There’s just something about outer calm and order that instantly provides inner calm and order too. Enjoy your happy place.

  3. I agree! We had a guest last week too (John’s sister) and while it was lovely to see her it was also nice to sink back into our own routines afterwards and not have to worry about entertaining anyone.

  4. Absolutely identify with this…we don’t have kids, so my husband and I are used to our own company. We love our nieces and nephews especially, but we also love the calm after the storm.

  5. While it is not my favorite thing, there is something positive in the cleaning & organizing. Also I get a sense of coming home with restoration of your own space. While you haven’t physically travelled when guests are there, it is an emotional trip. There is just something about a space of your own that is home.

  6. I completely understand. The grandkids were here yesterday afternoon. My nerve endings are still jangling – in a “that was fun but I’m glad we’re back to peace and quiet” kind of way, but they are jangling.

  7. Yes Jan, it is lovely having company and also equally or even more so your own company. We are both very self-contained people and most probably do spend too much time just the two of us. We are happy, and that is what counts, isn’t it!


      1. We have the philosophy why get married if you don’t want to spend most of your time together. We didn’t meet until we were 40. Making up for lost time! Still enjoy other people’s company that’s for sure!

  8. Janis, it’s funny how comfortable we become in our day to day routines, isn’t it? As much as I love to have company or set out on an adventure of some sort, I always look forward to returning home & falling into to our day to day routine.

  9. I know this feeling well. We get our guests in the fall. I look forward to seeing them and then seeing them leave (and I’m sure they feel the same way). There is a please in the doing the mundane tasks afterward. Maybe it’s a return to a comforting routine but I love it too.

  10. I am a “moon child” (born June 28th) so no need to convince me about the merits of home life. I’m a big believer in the “3-day rule” whether hosting or being the visitor.

  11. I call it a recharging period 🙂 I get that feeling even after a few busy days without guests!! As you said, even the mundanes like laundry and tidying the house feel good 🙂

  12. I feel the same way when friends and family come to stay! I look forward to having them, but there is also a part of me that appreciates it when they leave and I can return to my normal routines.

    1. We are creatures of habit, right? I know when my habits (or routines) get put on hold for guests – even as wonderful as they can be – I feel a certain rightness about being able to resume them when the visitors go home. (I’m pretty sure they feel the same when they return home after visiting us and resume their routines too.)

  13. Aaaah. What a nice and heart-felt post. The simple pleasures in life. Even though we don’t have our own home, we can fully relate to your guest experiences. We are always happy when family or friends visit us, but, those days and weeks are exhausting and it is always nice to pick up our daily routine again, according to our own schedule – just like arriving at the next house sit after an arduous road trip. Enjoy the peace and comfort of home!

  14. Oh, I sure can identify with this sentiment, Janis. Except for us, it is the other way round this time. We have just returned from three weeks of travelling to visit friends and family in several different communities. I loved seeing everyone, but it felt so good to return to our quiet house — just us, the pets, and our routines.


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