Sunday Stills: Furry Friends

My husband and I decided a while ago not to have any pets at this time of our lives. Although we love animals and enjoy their companionship, we also love the freedom of being able to pick up and go at a moment’s notice without worrying about arranging for their care. Fortunately, I am able to get my furry fixes in other ways from time to time.

We were maneuvering our shopping cart through the Costco parking lot when we happened upon this handsome boy. After peering into his soulful eyes, I was tempted to go back inside and buy him one of those mega-sized bags of dog food… or maybe several Costco hot dogs.

Carlos lets us take care of him while his “A-Team” staff is away. As long as we feed him regularly, provide fresh water, and scoop his poop, he allows a few cuddles and ear scratches. We are very happy to be of service.

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63 thoughts on “Sunday Stills: Furry Friends”

  1. Cute dog and sort of the opposite of what you’d expect. Instead of worrying about an owner who left up the windows, this time it’s whether he’ll either jump out or someone will steal him! He sure is cute, though.

  2. My wife and I are on the same wavelength. The care of pets takes too much of our precious time and we too would like to have the freedom to spontaneously start a new adventure without being burdened down.

  3. Aww, these fur babies are so cute! I see you are snapping photos of everything! The dog image speaks volumes! My cat is now 13 and he will be our last. Aero is almost 8 and will probably live to 14-15 yrs, and Brodie is only a year-and-half (Boykins typically see age 15). That calculates out to our ages of 71 when Brodie goes to the Rainbow Bridge. Luckily he is small and will fit in our trailer when we really retire! I’m glad you get to cat-sit now and then, I would miss being around any animals!

    1. When someone gets a pet, it really is a commitment. You really have to see beyond the cute factor and realize how much they will depend on you – now and for a long, long time. For now, I’m happy to get a furry fix now and then. Fun Sunday Stills prompt this time, Terri!

      1. I’ve heard and read, up here in Sacramento, so many folks buy their kids tortoises and baby ducks for Easter or other events, then not realizing the commitment, let them loose in City parks and ponds. Deplorable!

  4. I couldn’t leave our Roxy in a Costco parking lot for fear someone would steal her! All that smooshy cuteness is hard to resist! ~ Lynn

  5. Both very cute! We used to have cats but made the same decision as you when the last one died. I also occasionally get to catsit for friends. They used to have 5 but are now down to one – I have a feeling when Oscar goes that will be it for them too.

  6. After my dear little Poppy passes on, I do hope I can model you and your husband in petlessness. I love my cat, but she is my tether, and at a time of my life that I feel it important to be out doing the active things I can do now, but maybe not so much in the future. I hope I can get my fixes in small ways, like you do. Kitten fostering may be one way…but I’m a bit afraid of having my heart stolen…again!

  7. I love both these fur babies. I’ve had cats and dogs since childhood and can’t imagine never having a pet to love and cuddle with. That said, our Australian Shepard Mix, Murphy, will be our last. At our age it’s already difficult some days to keep up with her. It would be so unfair of us to adopt another hairy kid when we know we’re not up to the job. But it will break my heart. I will have to settle for visits to our local animal shelter and spending time with those guys until they find their forever homes.
    🔹 Ginger 🔹

      1. I have known dogs and to show off. Kato was one he often do things when knew someone watching. At one time he would run and jump over ten feet into a tree if he someone was around to see him.

  8. I thought I’d try being petless after my boxer died. I couldn’t stand it. Now I have 2 cats. At least I don’t have to rush home to let them out. That dog photo is a classic! And Carlos is a handsome boy.

  9. You mentioned the possibility of a rent-a-pet…I’ve heard of kitty cafes in Japan where there are entire rooms of them available for customers to enjoy with their coffee/tea (whatever). I think this idea was hatched as the Japanese have smallish homes and often forgo pets due to human population density – just a thought I don’t really know why the cafes got started.
    Oh and I noticed: Carlos has some huge paws!
    Wishing you furry peace wherever you find it.

  10. As you know, I’ve got two dogs Janis and I do love them to bits and can’t imagine life without them. But… they are an enormous commitment and I know for sure that when they are gone, many years from now, I won’t be looking for new ones. Instead, I’ll hope you’ve taken even more great pictures that I can look at in their place.

    1. When you have a house full of furry love it’s hard to imagine not having them around. I’m happy with our choice but I know, one of these days, I’ll have a little dog or kitty again… or maybe I’ll keep borrowing them from my friends every now and then.

  11. Gorgeous photos and like you we have decided not to have our own fur babies but we do have a fur grandbaby that we love to see.

  12. Great looking fur babies and after I lost my last pet, no more for me either. I’m home all the time, but the loss is too great to bear, and having no other relatives, he was a companion pet so a tragic loss for me. I enjoy other’s pets just like you. A pat on the head and I’m good.

  13. We feel the same right now about pets since we are still traveling but long to have a cat or dog again someday.

  14. Pets do tie us down, don’t they? Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be able to give them up when my husband retires, so we’ll just have to work around it. One concession I am making, though, is that our next dog (who will be still living when my husband retires) has to be small enough that it can travel with us sometimes. Certain condos and hotels have size limits, and we want to be able to meet them. It also has to get along with my kids’ dogs, so that we can leave it when them when we go on trips the dog can’t go on with us. Our current dog, Lucy, has always had to stay home with a dog sitter.

    1. I’ve learned about the world of house and pet sitting through various blogs I follow. It seems like a great way to have your pet taken care of in your home (for basically free) while the sitter gets to enjoy free room and board. Win-win. If I ever get another dog, it will be a small one too.

  15. I’m in the same pet state as you are, Janis. No pets to tie us down. I miss them but love the freedom and can get my dog fix when we visit my son. He has an adorable golden doodle named Lottie and she is such a good girl.

  16. Those are two very cute faces! A doggie bone for #1 and some cuddles for #2 is what I’d like to provide right now. 🙂 Does Carlos come to you for care, or do you swing by his place? We miss having our own dogs, especially when camping in the forest. It’ll be hard to resist adopting a couple in the near future.

  17. We have one old dog and one old cat (down from two dogs and two cats a few years ago). We get a lot of joy out of being with our pets. Also, having a dog is a great motivation to get outside for daily walks. However, arranging for pet care every time we travel can be challenging.


  18. We too have chosen to remain pet-free during this stage of life so we can travel. While we have been home this summer, we noticed our next door neighbor’s dog “Sassy” outside all day while our neighbors are at work. We asked them if we could have Sassy over at our house during the day. They enthusiastically agreed, and now we enjoy her companionship, and she enjoys our air conditioning.

    1. What a marvelous agreement you’ve worked out with your neighbor! So many animals are left at home alone while their people are at work. Dogs, especially, are pack animals and do better when they are with others. Sassy is very lucky to be a member of two packs now!

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