Thursday Doors: Not Doors

When is a door not a door? When it is ajar.

Many of us learned this little riddle as children, right? Well, there’s another time when a door is not a door: when Norm, the host of Thursday Doors, is away on vacation.

Over that last several Thursdays, I’ve been sharing doors from my recent stay in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. San Miguel is rich in unique and beautiful doors, but it also has lovely windows, intricate iron gates, and exquisite stonework. With Norm safely off the continent (and, hopefully taking lots of pictures of the doors he finds in Italy), I thought that I would take advantage of his absence and share a few openings I found in San Miguel that aren’t really doors.

This sounds so much better in Spanish… basically it says Gated Community of the Sun.
We saw ribbons tied above windows all over San Miguel.
More ribbons… and a wooden bicycle.
Rusted iron gate.
Not the most beautiful window, but how cute is that dog?

Now, head on over to Manja’s blog to see her beautiful collection of doors. Since she is guest hosting Thursday Doors in Norm’s absence this week, you will find that cute little blue frog at the end of her post that will take you to links to see other doors… and maybe even share a few of your own.

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70 thoughts on “Thursday Doors: Not Doors”

  1. Terrific photos of doors and doorways. I love the ribbons and the iron rusted gate image.

    We look forward to one day visiting San Miguel de Allende. Have read and heard so much about it and now friends of ours have moved there, so hopefully one day soon.


  2. These doors and not doors are beautiful. I like the colorful ribbons hanging down (and the bicycle and the dog). I’m also a sucker for iron gates, so this post was right on target.

  3. Ahh, these are marvellous pictures, be it windows or ajars. 😀 I have never heard this riddle, I love it! And you’re right, a door might not be a door without Norm but where he’s at, there are so many doors that his head will be swimming with them by the time he is ready to return (if!). Thank you for linking to me!

  4. That huge pot with the Agave (?) sitting in front of the rusted gate photo is gorgeous…for me, it’s all about the patina!
    Are these posts helping you to organize all these fantastic photos?

    1. I love the patina too… just allowing things to age beautifully, naturally (like us! 🙂 ). I hope to create a personal picture book of our trip (rather than let the photos languish in a computer file) so we can share and revisit them now and then. So, yes, these posts have been handy to help me decide which ones to include.

  5. Hi, Janis – I love your “non-doors”. My favorite is the wooden bicycle in the ribboned doorway.
    I needed to super enlarge my screen to ensure that the animal in the gated window was a dog….I was sure that it was a cat!

  6. I think these qualify as doors since they perhaps have a doorjamb? These are all quite lovely, Janis, all beautifully captured. I posted a while back the opening of the tunnel into Yosemite Valley, definitely not a door but a gateway into the Valley 🙂

    1. Yes, I’m pretty sure that Norm is very liberal in what qualifies as a door 🙂 I even posted a Thursday Doors that was all cemetery “doors” for Halloween. Certainly your pic of the tunnel into Yosemite Valley would qualify.

  7. I think this wonderful location got under your skin and is now a part of you! Isn’t that what exceptional travel experiences should produce? I’m thrilled to see your delight, and must say, the doors are wonderful. I love them!

    1. Never too late! I really loved the ribbons. I tried to discover the back story but, so far, I’ve been unable to. Next time I am in San Miguel, I’ll ask a native (which is what I should have done in the first place 🙂 ).

      1. oh yes- the natives can be such rich sources of info (and especially for where to eat – well in some places)
        and hope you have a nice weekend

  8. Very nice shots of entryways. Your photos have a lot of character. Some of your photos remind me of my side of the world. Like many parts of Asia, it’s difficult to get to the doors because of the gates. Love the ribbons and the cat! 🙂

    1. Fortunately in Mexico, and I assume Asia too, the gates are often as unique and beautiful as the doors. The ribbons were so bright and happy, I wish I knew the significance… or maybe they are there just to add some joyful color. Thank you for commenting!

  9. I loved seeing your pictures from San Miguel de Allende. We visited there years ago when we were visiting the family of a Mexican exchange student who lived with us for a year when she was in high school. We flew to Mexico City and traveled north, stopping at various locations along the way to Monterrey, where the family lived. San Miguel was definitely a highlight of the trip! So glad I found your little corner of the internet. I am recently retired too!

    1. Welcome to retirement! I know that you’ll love it as much as I do. We haven’t visited Mexico City yet but it (and a host of other Mexican towns) is definitely on our list. Thank you for your visit and comment… I’m off to check out your blog.

  10. How embarrassing. I thought the dog was a cat … and I’m thinking it’s a very sorry looking cat too 😏

    A very nice departure from the norm (pun intended … ok, it’s a bad pun, but work with me 😉). I like windows and often I find they add a special ambiance to a building . You’ve definitely found a few here. I love the old wooden bike. Some people just have a knack for taking something simple – like that window – and elevating its glamour.

    1. You are forgiven for thinking that dog is a cat especially since it usually is a cat sitting in a window like that (and, yes, that would be a very sorry looking cat). I’m a big fan of puns and that was a good one!

      1. Yay! Another lover of puns 🙂

        I used to be rather ‘punny’ in my youth, but I had a teacher in high school who would roll his eyes and comment that puns were the lowest form of humour. I was eventually ‘shamed’ out of my punny ways. Interesting how incidents from our youth influence us – both good and bad. I ended up spending most of my life much too serious.

        1. I disagree with your high school teacher! In fact, I think puns, and other types of word play, indicate a creative and intelligent mind. How sad that a stupid comment like that (he was probably jealous) shamed you into suppressing your punny self. Happy to know that you have thrown off those shackles! Pun on!

  11. Wow, what beautiful pictures! I’m always very drawn to the use of all the wonderful warm colors or southern European countries (I have never been to Mexico), I admire how the colors can make the simplest things interesting. I live in Denmark and here everything is very minimalistic and black and white.

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