Sunday Stills: Spring Flowers

It seems like it has been spring here in Southern California for several months. I started to notice buds on trees back in February and then the March rains brought forth even more. Now, in early April, just about everywhere I look, Mother Nature is showing off with displays of colorful blossoms and heady scents.

For her weekly Sunday Stills photo challenge, Terri Webster Schrandt has asked us to “blow up WordPress and the rest of the Internet with gorgeous flowers!” Since most of us are sticking much closer to home, this week’s theme encourages us to find beauty in our neighborhoods, in our yards, or on our balconies.

The pictures that I’m sharing are from my yard and from walks around my neighborhood.

Lemon tree blossoms
Pineapple Guava
Aloe arborescens


If you have images of your own, please share them with us by linking to your post on Terri’s blog. As she said, it “will be like we are sending each other wonderful bouquets.”

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93 thoughts on “Sunday Stills: Spring Flowers”

  1. Wow, your spring flowers are very different from what we are seeing in the Midwest.
    We are enjoying daffodils, forsythia, hyacinths and many flowering trees, such as redbuds and dogwoods.

  2. Thank you, Janis, for your lovely bouquet of beautiful flowers. We have crocuses, hyacinth, daffodils at the moment.

  3. These really cheered me up, Janis! When I visit my daughter in Emerald Hills, her neighborhood has many of these same flowers. Your pics are stunning and I’m so glad you joined Sunday Stills today!

  4. How refreshing to see a post without the mention of the virus. Yes, we need to stay aware, but it’s also important not stress about things out of our control. There is only so much we can do. Your photos are stunning. Janis. What a great gift you’ve provided. This was the highlight of my day! Thank you.

  5. My favorite is the lemon tree, but they are ALL beautiful. You are way ahead of us, here in North Jersey.

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  6. These wonderful bursts of colour are exactly what I need for my spirits right now (other than actual spirits πŸ˜‰).
    My walks are still dull and brown but it’s coming!!

      1. Honestly, we are remaining primarily boat bound. New measures being put in place will only permit one person from a household at a time out to do shopping or exercising. As I have been blessed by years or full on travel, I am enjoying catching up with friends, writing, organizing my photo portfolio, and learning new things. Somehow, keeping the boat in ship-shape has not made it onto my daily list of activities, but I’ll be needing to do that soon πŸ™‚

  7. Gorgeous photos, and such a lovely topic! It’s only forsythia and daffodils here, and those tiny bluets that are so sweet. Here in New England, we’re a good two months behind California, because we do have buds on the trees — especially that pretty pale green of the willows. No problem with drought here! But I remember that from my grad-student days in Palo Alto — baths with no soap so that we could use the water to keep our shrubs alive!

    1. The landscape is so different here. People have replaced their lawns with drought tolerant plants. Fortunately, I love succulents and enjoy their incredible variety and gorgeous blooms. We are getting a lot of rain this season… and the plants are very happy!

  8. I think under our current situation, so many people are exploring nature now whether in their yards, or in neighboring natural areas, or simple walks down the street. I love that folks have time to literally stop and examine beauty and even take a photo for tangible remembrance.

  9. Wow, such magnificent colours! We are just seeing the early signs of spring here. The grass is starting to green, the trees are just coming out in bud, the tulips are popping up. Looking forward to seeing the transformation & leaving winter behind!

  10. Thanks for the uplifting photos, Janis. During these confining times, while we are all staying home or out on neighborhood walks, it is good to be reminded of how much natural beauty there is all around us. It doesn’t get much better than your dazzling Southern California spring, where everything seems to be in bloom.

    1. Hi Joe! We have gotten so much rain lately that the plants (and weeds) are doing the happy dance. Although most plants around here are drought tolerant, they really do prefer regular irrigation. I hope you are enjoying your spring also!

  11. How beautiful Janis – it will be months til I see the likes of these blooms around here, despite the early show of crocuses and snowdrops. The daffodils have opened but we have such a torrential rain out there for the third time today, likely the daffodils are looking bedraggled by now. I may live in a four-season state, but it does not mean I like the absence of flowers 3/4s of the year!

    1. It breaks my heart when new blooms get pummeled by hard rain or high winds. We’ve had both here recently – especially some crazy wind – and some of the blooms have been blown away. Fortunately, the sun is out now so things are definitely looking up! I hope you are still doing well!

      1. Janis – it seems to me once the magnolia blossoms come out, there is either a heavy rain, or more likely a windy day and they scatter all over the lawn – I hate it too. Well I got through last night’s potentially severe storm and we have a Round 2 tonight arriving in the coming hour. I am not staying up as late tonight (I was concerned whether to go to the basement) – this is not a dangerous storm. I am well otherwise, but have not walked this week – mostly it’s been bad weather but I thought it was prudent not too as they said this was our “peak week” – now I am hearing rumors we may be on a stay-at-home rule through the end of April as the latter part of April will be our peak. I will dwell on it though, as I miss walking, not just for steps but to clear my mind.

  12. Beautiful collection of flowers, Janis! I’ve always loved California for its plethora of natural colors in the form of flowers. On our walks here in South Carolina I’ve only seen two kinds of blooming flowers: purple ones (apparently wild irises) and tiny white ones.

    1. I bet the South Carolina flowers will be coming out a little later and then they’ll be magnificent. I haven’t spent a lot of time there, but my memory is that there are a lot of colorful blossoms. I don’t know how long you will be there, but I hope you can see some of them.

      1. Not much longer. We need to get out of here – too uncomfortable and we can’t overstay our welcome in this park. But we will be in time to see the spring blooms in Massachusetts.

  13. Hi Janis, I have started reading posts in the middle of the night and too dark to comment. Reviewing my emails and I wanted to let you know how the bright, colourful flowers immediately lift my spirits. Perfect, poignant quote. Looking forward to connecting with you, as always. xx

  14. The photos are beautifully taken. The colours are so vibrant, really capture my eye. Thank you for sharing with us.

  15. Wonderful shots, these are gorgeous!

    Spring is the best time to be a nature photographer, in my opinion.

    So much liveliness πŸ˜„

  16. These are just gorgeous, Janis, and their hopefulness have been soothing to me this spring. I did a similar post. I think many people are leaning towards the inspiring blooms this year. Have a good evening, Lauren

  17. I remember the beauty of the flowering shrubs and gardens in Southern California. Now that I have moved to Vancouver Island, I revel in the glorious blooms we have here.


  18. Janis,
    Beautiful work…you have a gift for composition. What a blessing to live in a neighborhood surrounded by those flowers. My son and his family live in one of the beach towns in LA County, and I’m always amazed at flowers there, particularly the roses. Thanks for sharing! Joe

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