History has its eyes on us

This is part of the poem, The Hill We Climb, by Amanda Gorman. Gorman will read this poem today at the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Gorman, 22, is continuing a tradition that includes poets such as Robert Frost and Maya Angelou, and is the youngest poet in recent memory to deliver a poem at a presidential inauguration. She is a force.

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  1. Okay, so reading that brought me to tears. I could HEAR the cast of Hamilton singing “history has its eyes on us”. I think I’ll be crying a lot today—tears of joy and relief.

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  2. Thanks Janis. Democracy held serve. Four years ago before the outgoing president was inaugurated, his five biographers were interviewed together. They made an eerie prediction – the outgoing president will never accept a loss, he will say it was stolen from him. More troubling, his niece Mary said her uncle would “burn it all down to avoid losing the election.”

    To rebuild the foundation of our democracy to help it withstand future tyrants, the incoming president must tell us the truth, then do it again tomorrow and the next day. Truth is not the enemy – it is the salve. Keith

  3. Still, there’s division in this country, and it won’t go away anytime soon. And yeah, i don’t expect this comment to see the light of day…liberals are liberals, they do what they do. Have a nice day.

  4. I watched the inauguration earlier and saw Amanda read her poem. I’m glad it all passed off peacefully and hope that Biden’s plea for unity is heeded. Of course, every country (every group of people which numbers 2 or more!) has divisions but in the words of Jo Cox, the MP who was murdered during the Brexit campaign, “we have more in common than that which divides us”.

  5. What a wonderful reading of the poem she did at the Inauguration! Like Biden’s speech, it gave a moving picture of a richly diverse and optimistic America.

    And (to be trivial) that wonderful hair!

  6. I had never heard of this woman until today when she spoke at the inauguration. I was mesmerized by her presence and her words and her joy. Our future is in good hands. She’s got it going on.

  7. The whole of the world was watching today (well, except for most of us where it happened at 3 or 4 in the morning, but you get the idea). I’ve just googled this amazing young woman. I hope for you all (and for us all) this is the beginning of a change in energy.

  8. Wow, oh wow, Janis. Mark just showed me the YouTube video of Amanda reading her poem today at the inauguration. So powerful, majestic, complex, yet down to earth, and beautiful. It was incredibly impressive. Such a talent! And such true words, all in poem form. Worthy of a blog post!

    1. I think I was looking forward to her reading even more than most of the speeches today… and she didn’t disappoint. As I was watching her, I kept thinking that I would have curled into a fetal position in front of all those people, but she knocked it out of the park. I’m glad you were able to see it.

  9. Janis: such a day!
    Never have I been so glued to the ‘tube’ (!)…and basked in the glow of the moment. Lots to deal with, but just for today, let’s celebrate!

  10. She was inspiring to listen to and both her and a young boy who were present at the inauguration, both overcame a speech impediment just like President Biden with his stuttering.

  11. Tears of joy and relief. Deep breaths, finally, after years of such an oppressive atmosphere. There is hope, and hard work. And the young, the old, the poets and diversity shall lead the way!

  12. I watched this live through the sting of tears. If these words could affect me, a non-American, in such a powerful fashion, I can’t imagine how much deeper these words felt for you! ❤️

  13. Amanda Gorman was a real highlight of the presidential inauguration. Of course, the entire ceremony was very moving, as was the evening program. Esther and I are overjoyed, as I know you are, to finally have an experienced, competent, and honest administration to solve our country’s tremendous problems.

      1. Thanks, Janis. Sorry I have been such a stranger. It has not been a good year to be a travel blogger. I have used some of my pandemic stay-home time to do some advance travel research. Hopefully, we can do a domestic trip this fall.

  14. Janis, here’s to a more positive future for us all. We still have a long way to go as far as race relations and gender equality. Each step counts towards the finish line. Beautiful poet and poem.

  15. She was absolutely amazing as was her inspiring and hopeful poem. We watched the Inauguration twice, just to take it all in and sigh with relief that Biden and Harris were the final outcome. Peace and unity are truly what our country needs right now. Time will tell…thanks for sharing Amanda with us.

  16. While listening to Amanda reciting her poem Maya Angelou came to mind. Her delivery amazing, her words hopeful and inspiring. I’m sure we will hear more from her.

    1. Amanda mention Maya Angelou as an inspiration, not only as a great poet, but as someone else who overcame a speech impediment when young. That she has achieved so much at such a young age makes me want to follow her accomplishments into the future.

  17. Amanda Gorman stole the show! She was articulate, had great content and superb delivery. And she is beautiful. So impressive!! Interestingly she only recently overcame her speech impediment. She talks about it on an interview with Anderson Cooper and how she spent hours practising her R’s which were hard for to pronounce.


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