GratiTuesday Guest Post: Grateful… for Others, and Ourselves

Guest post by Liesbet, Roaming About

Thank you, Janis, for allowing me to be a guest blogger on your inspiring site, and share my opinion about this topic. Much gratitude! 😊

I always enjoy reading Janis’s GratiTuesday posts. The day they arrive in my inbox starts with a smile and a portion of positivism. But, when she mentioned featuring guest posts about this theme, I immediately thought: “Nope, not for me.” Yet, I like Janis, I like trying new things, and I like reflection. So, I reconsidered and signed up.

I respect people who are grateful and positive. I appreciate them and even envy them. What a nice way to be, to focus on the good, in a world with so much bad. I’m not normally like that. I dwell on the necessities at hand. I focus on our health, our business, our house and pet sits, our camper, and my writing. At least, these months. I thank my parents, for putting me in this world and raising me. To be a part of this universe is where everything starts. After that, our choices and our attitudes lead the way. That’s how I ended up living a life less ordinary. Should I be grateful for that? This guest post made me think about it a bit more.

Gratitude appears to be a popular theme in my blogging circle, whose “members” are almost all retired. (I’m not.) When I read these posts, they always make sense. Yet, I don’t really incorporate being grateful into my blogs, or my life. So, does gratitude come with age? With having more time? With maturity in and with life? How about peers of my age?

I’m sure my friends are grateful for their families, maybe even for their jobs, definitely for their vacations and summer time. Photos I see on social media prove it; photos of smiles and beautiful surroundings. My life is different from the other bloggers, and my friends. But, that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t show gratitude, something I’ve done only once before, in the blog post of my year 2017 in overview.

We shouldn’t let our busy lives get in the way of reflection about what we’re grateful for, even if we were part of the process. With that in mind, I’m grateful for:

  • Being born in a Western country
  • My friends, family, and partner
  • My decent health
  • Mother Earth
  • The presence of pets
  • The choices I have been given
  • The choices I have made
  • Sunny, warm weather
  • The online community I have become a part of, and the interactions blogging creates
  • My memories traveling the world
  • Being in nature, whenever I get a chance
  • Being surrounded by wildlife, whenever that happens
  • Spectacular sunsets
  • The small things in life that satisfy me and make me smile
  • Being given an opportunity to write this guest post for Janis

I chose a life of adventure, a life with no regrets. I’m grateful for that. For the life, or for my choices? Yes, we can give credit to others, but we may not forget ourselves. By being kind, respectful, and responsible, we affect our surroundings; we might get similar responses in return. Are we grateful for the behavior of others? Or does that happen thanks to ourselves?

From Janis:

Thank you, Liesbet, for sharing your GratiTuesday guest post with us! You have a lot to be grateful for – including yourself and the choices you’ve made.

For those of you who haven’t yet discovered Liesbet’s blog, I encourage you to check it out. Many of us have dreamed about off-loading everything and exploring the world – Liesbet and her husband actually did it!

Please stop by next Tuesday when Laura from Crafting My Retirement shares her gratitude.