GratiTuesday: My handy man

Hubs:    What do you have planned for today?

Me:        Well… I was hoping to finish my book for book club. Maybe do some stuff on the computer… putz in the yard… You?

Hubs:    Well, I want to get that new kitchen sink faucet installed.

Me:        ……

Hubs:    You know, that one we’ve had in the box for several months now?

Me:        ……

Hubs:    I’m going to need your help.

Me:        Um… sure.


Dear husband gathers his tools and all of the things he’ll need to complete the job (including the ancillary items he has purchased over the prior week), then puts together a handy-dandy platform so he can contort himself comfortably while under the sink.

I’m at the ready in case he needs me to hand him tools and parts… as I multitask on my iPad and read a few chapters of my book.

I am so grateful for my husband who not only has a lot of very handy tools, but knows how to use them. I’m also grateful that he dives into less-than-enjoyable projects that need to get done instead of putting them off like I tend to do. Because of him, we now have a new faucet that works beautifully… and no leaks!

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32 thoughts on “GratiTuesday: My handy man”

  1. You have a good man. A man will never be shot while doing the dishes, but he will be rewarded for providing the water.

    1. There are times that hiring a professional is a good call. We often find that – between my husband and a couple of other talented men in the neighborhood – we have the tools and knowledge to do it ourselves (and by “ourselves” I mean the guys). 🙂

  2. So he started out with a trick question then! He already knew what you would be doing – still, it doesn’t sound too onerous compared to his task.

  3. HA! That looks like me yesterday. I had to fix the dish-liquid dispenser.. Trouble is that I have an extra deep sink and maneuvering under the sink was a nightmare. It would have been easier with two folks, but didn’t want to wait until my son arrived. Last week I went online and learned how to fix the leaky outdoor faucet. Nice that you have a handyman around.

    1. Good for you! I remember that I was much handier when I was living along. I still get involved with many of our projects, but as more of a helper-bee than the project manager. Google and YouTube are great sources for how-to information.

    1. No kidding! I guess we could pay for a lot of these services, but often we find that the “professionals” are lacking in expertise. My husband doesn’t know everything about everything, but his engineer brain can usually figure things out.

    1. Lucky you too! I am always amazed at how many tools he has accumulated over the years (he also owned rental properties) that allow him to do all sorts of projects around the house. I treasure him and his skills.

      1. When my husband retired he started making furniture in earnest. I helped him with design details. Now he is easing slowing out of it. A project here or a project there. Mostly we do stuff to our home.

  4. By way of absolutely nothing in your fine post (and the very talented Hubs), my favorite line about home projects come from a former sister-in-law who is literally married to a professional handyman. She once counseled us to hire a handyman for something we needed done: “Just go out and just hire someone good; The best part is that you won’t have to sleep with him afterwards.”

    1. That’s funny! That reminds me of something a friend of my mother’s (who had a very handy husband) said to her: “Beware of marrying a man who can fix everything… you’ll never get anything new.”

      1. OH GOD!! That’s the truth!!! My husband seems to consider it a badge of honour to McGyver anything and everything back together again!!
        Sometimes it would be soooo much easier – not to mention better looking – to simply get a new one.

  5. You are so right, Janis. A hubby like that is a treasure. Enjoy the new leak-free faucet!

  6. Sounds like a typical day on my boat 😉.
    And although my handy man sometimes seems to pick the most inopportune time for fix-it projects, I too am very grateful to have a man in my life who has the tools and knows how to use them.

  7. Excellent thank goodness you can multitask. Mine is the same. Also we had a faucet we needed to install for MONTHS. But recently we did it. Something else to check off of the list.

  8. It is so great to have a handy-man husband! When you described his last project, I had to think back about all the things my husband fixed on our boat in the past, with me as his helpful – but clueless – assistant! 🙂

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