GratiTuesday: My handy man

Hubs:    What do you have planned for today?

Me:        Well… I was hoping to finish my book for book club. Maybe do some stuff on the computer… putz in the yard… You?

Hubs:    Well, I want to get that new kitchen sink faucet installed.

Me:        ……

Hubs:    You know, that one we’ve had in the box for several months now?

Me:        ……

Hubs:    I’m going to need your help.

Me:        Um… sure.


Dear husband gathers his tools and all of the things he’ll need to complete the job (including the ancillary items he has purchased over the prior week), then puts together a handy-dandy platform so he can contort himself comfortably while under the sink.

I’m at the ready in case he needs me to hand him tools and parts… as I multitask on my iPad and read a few chapters of my book.

I am so grateful for my husband who not only has a lot of very handy tools, but knows how to use them. I’m also grateful that he dives into less-than-enjoyable projects that need to get done instead of putting them off like I tend to do. Because of him, we now have a new faucet that works beautifully… and no leaks!