GratiTuesday: Our summer has just begun!

Most people mark the beginning of summer in June on the Solstice, or when the kids get out of school, or when the weather turns reliably warm. But, for many people who live in my city – especially those of us who are retired or have flexible schedules – our summer begins after Labor Day.

After months of sharing our city with visitors and putting up with roving packs of teens and pre-teens, all of a sudden a kind of quiet descends over us. Most of the tourists have gone back home, the kids are starting back to school, and we look forward to what is often our best weather in September and into October. We rejoice that our beaches are far less crowded, restaurants are quieter, and we no longer have to share our favorite hang outs with the masses.

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And, it gets even better: even though we will celebrate the Fall Equinox on September 22 this year, Daylight Savings mercifully doesn’t end until November 6. Then, it’s just over a month until the Winter Solstice, after which the sun begins to make its way north again and daylight hours start to get longer and longer.

Even though we continue to struggle with the drought here in Southern California, I am so grateful that I live in an area where winter doesn’t mean months of snow, spring feels right around the corner even in September, and the delights of summer can often be enjoyed well after those living in colder climates have traded their flip flips for boots.

I’d also be very grateful for a good dose of rain, though.

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23 thoughts on “GratiTuesday: Our summer has just begun!”

  1. And that, Janis, is one of the reasons why we would like to come out west and south and spend some time there! Enjoy your “personal and private” summer! 🙂

  2. Janis – you wrote this post for me – expressing my feelings perfectly. Enjoy those less-crowded days. And yes, a bit of rain sometime soon would ease all our concerns 🙂

  3. I feel the same way here. All those pesky teens are back in school. Malls are safe to visit. Streets are good except at school bus time. We get an influx of visitors during August when we have a lot of festivals and they are now gone. Peace and quiet, how I missed you!

  4. Enjoy. By the way, we are headed up to Maine and Boston for a few days. We are bypassing Nova Scotia this time, but look forward to returning.

  5. Like Susan, who commented above, this post also could have been written for our small town on Vancouver Island. The only difference is that the rain will start soon…and will continue for quite some time. I’d be happy to send you some!

  6. As I write this, I’m listening to the POURING RAIN outside – finally!! Gilles and I actually stood outside on the (covered) front step for about 10 minutes just watching the rain. *Sigh* … I’m happy. At least until I hear reports about flooding.

    … and it’s very hot and humid. It definitely still feels like summer here. I must admit I’m actually looking forward to much cooler weather.

    But I’m pretty sure that by February, I’ll be desperate for your climes 🙂

    1. Rain… lucky you! It has turned cooler here (mid-70s, no humidity) too. Perfect weather for hikes and bike rides (if only I could…). I usually start looking forward to wearing boots and sweaters around November, but that novelty starts to wear off in no time. Enjoy your rain!

      1. … and it rained off and on all night!! It was so nice to wake up to the sound of rain. It’s been so long.
        I can’t believe I’ve gotten so excited about rain. I sure that novelty will wear off pretty quickly 😉

  7. I love your ‘backyard’ and am glad that you now have it back to yourself ;-). Great pictures! My favorites were your reflective picture of Balboa Park, the sea lions (what is not to love) and the composition with the restaurant with the 3 umbrellas. Enjoy ‘summer’

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