Thursday Doors: Spirited Openings

Although I enjoy a stroll through an old cemetery just about any time (OK, maybe not at midnight on a moonless night), during the celebrations of Halloween and Dia de los Muertos, cemeteries take on a special significance.

Because this particular Thursday Doors link-up occurs right before these celebrations, it seems like a frighteningly good time to share some photos of doors (and other… um… entrances) I discovered while visiting the San Miguel Cemetery in Oaxaca, Mexico this past spring (my Grave Discoveries post has more pictures and information about this amazing cemetery).

Thursdays Doors is a weekly cauldron of doors hosted by Norm Frampton. Spirit away to Norm’s blog where you’ll find a spooktacular selection of doors by clicking the blue (toe of) frog link at the end of his post.

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57 thoughts on “Thursday Doors: Spirited Openings”

  1. I love this, Janis. The atmosphere of this resting place really comes through in your photos. Nice catch on the grave being dug. The wooden ladder to the bottom was a bit of an eye opener. I guess there are many places where digging graves manually is still required.
    Also, the 2nd photo with the (I assume) artificial bones decorating the ceiling is a bit … different. I’m guessing the big *O* is for Oaxaca.

    1. That poor grave digger was working on a very hot day… good thing he had the shade cloth set up. As crowded as that cemetery was, I can’t imagine they could get any type of motorized equipment in to help dig.

      I hadn’t thought about the O being for Oaxaca, but you are probably right.

  2. The photo of the sealed entryway is creepy. Like something out of an Edgar Allen Poe story. I rather like the old vines merging with the ironwork, to form something new and peculiar. Trippy, that one. I’m glad that you decided to join in and do Thursday Doors.

    1. Here’s the translation as close as I can manage:
      “I can’t help feeling like a child again when I think of you. I continue to miss you, Mom, wherever you are.” Then, at the bottom: “My mother is an angel”

  3. “Cauldron of doors,” “spirit away”, “spooktacular selection”… you are good — and have totally put me in the spirit of the season!

  4. Nice and creepy photos Janis! And I love that they came from Oaxaca! One of these days Thom and I hope to either return to Oaxaca for Dia Del Los Muertos or another town that celebrates the holiday in a big way. I’ve heard that it really is something to behold. Thanks for the creep-out 🙂 ~Kathy

  5. Those sealed doors are so very intriguing….I wonder what emotion inspired someone to do that? Thank you for the translation — The first sentence was beyond me, but I did get (most of) the second sentence. These pictures are definitely enough to put me in an ‘eerie’ mood!

  6. Dangerous Doors. Or, Dormant Doors. Deadly Doors? Definitely, some are quite spooky. Great shots for the Halloween period. They remind me of that big “Mountain View” cemetery in Oakland we walked to daily while house sitting next door.

  7. fascinating post because these are photos we do not see everyday – especially a couple of the ending ones – a little eerie – but great idea for a door post – 🙂

    1. I think cemeteries – especially the old ones – are fascinating too. They are also a window into our feelings about death and dying. I really appreciate the celebration of departed loved ones embraced in many latin cultures.

  8. Perfect for the challenge and time of year! The title is perfect too. A very unusual collection. The first photo and the grave being dug were my favorites but they were all special. Thanks for the recent visit to my blog.

  9. That is a good collection of (some unusual, some a bit disconcerting) cemetery photos. We recently were in Paris for a few days and stumbled upon a beautiful small cemetry. Another favorite that comes to mind was the one in Buenos Aires in Argentina, with its amazing sculptures.

    1. I just read about a book I must get: “199 Cemeteries to See Before You Die.” I am definitely a tombstone tourist and would love to learn about other beautiful cemeteries to add to my list. Thanks for your suggestions!

  10. Oooooo (or should I say Booooo 👻). You have again inspired me yet. I have lots of great ‘doors’ shots from the stupas here in SE Asia . Maybe I will cobble together a Thurdsay Doors post one of these days. I follow Norm and many others who post in his weekly challenge, but I’ve never managed to play along (although I think of him every time I see a good door). Let us see what the future holds.

    Loved your ‘Grave Discoveries’ post. I share your love for old cemeteries.

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