GratiTuesday: Making a Gratitude Adjustment

I have been considering making a few tweaks to my GratiTuesday posts, and the start of a brand new year seems like the perfect time to put them in place. I really enjoy writing these posts and, judging by the likes and comments they receive, they are popular and appreciated. Just as I had hoped, thinking about possible subjects for my (almost) weekly posts has helped to foster a greater awareness of the beauty and goodness around me.

My original intention was for these posts to be short ones. Easy to write, and quick to read. Pretty soon, though, they began to morph into longer essays, which, of course, take more time to put together (have I mentioned that I am a tortured writer?).

Starting next week, my GratiTuesday posts will often consist of just a photograph and a short expression of gratitude or appreciation. Most likely, the comment section will be turned off for these posts too. Easy to write, and quick to read. Changing the format will also give me a chance to concentrate more on my photography, which is a retirement passionette of mine.

I am so grateful for the freedom retirement gives me to start, stop, revise, and adjust. Although I love the connections I make through my blog, I am looking forward to spending less time in front of my computer screen and more time enjoying this remarkable stage of my life.

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52 thoughts on “GratiTuesday: Making a Gratitude Adjustment”

  1. Hah! Glad to read this. I hadn’t started to blog and then realized that retirement meant I no longer had to spend time at the computer and there are so many other things I’d looked forward to doing!!! I really appreciate what you wrote and decided.

    1. There are so many positive aspects of blogging. But, just as the friendships I’ve made because of it were a complete surprise, the time required to maintain a functioning blog was a surprise too. This change is only for my GratiTuesday posts so I’ll still be spending time on my regular ones… maybe just not so much.

      Go out and enjoy your retired life! πŸ™‚

  2. Hi, Janis – I love your photography – and your focus on gratitude – so this is indeed a winning combination. I will be sad about the lack of commenting…but am willing to look for other ways to share the love! Looking forward to this ‘new’ series!

  3. Hi Janis,
    Good for you for deciding to spend more time on your passionette of photography. I’m all for any decision made from a desire to follow one’s bliss.

  4. And THAT is the perfect idea about what the voyage should be about! Spending less time in front of a computer screen and more time on the adventure! Go for it, Janis! ~ Lynn

  5. Following your desires wherever they may go is what retirement is about. What I love is that nothing is permanent. I can change it up anytime and so can you! Enjoy!

  6. Amen to that, Janis!! I agree with every word you just wrote and struggle with the same “concepts”. I have been wanting to write and post a blog about “2017 in review” for over a week, and do not find the time, causing guilt and stress. Life has gotten in the way again. And, I’m not even talking about reading other people’s blogs and commenting. Nope… blogging is not a good hobby if you want to avoid too much time spent behind the computer, something I hope to achieve in 2018 as well.

  7. Kate is right. It’s the ability to switch it up, change course, and do so whenever you want that’s the best thing about retirement. Follow your own muse, Janice! – Marty

  8. Great ideas, Janis! I’ll look forward to hearing more about it at lunch tomorrow! I agree that posts can get involved and bloggers have to pick and choose what works. I’ve been there and done that myself! Also looking forward to more of your photography!

  9. Janis it is absolutely true that blogging takes an enormous amount of time and energy. Time that could be focused on doing other things or doing nothing at all. So believe you me, I hear you… and if it takes time away from actually experiencing stuff then yes it’s more computer time and less doing. I struggle often with the balancing out and we do post less than we used to, or strive for shorter posts. That helps too.

    1. I often think shorter posts (when possible) are good for a few reasons: They force us writers to consolidate our thoughts, they take less time to write, and they relieve the reader from having to slog through so many words. Win-win-win. We all have just 24 hours in our days and we need to spend them as best we can.

  10. It’s funny. I’m still working, in front of a computer all day, but writing and reading is a way to escape the tedious side of that. I do this (computer stuff) for a living, and I really do enjoy technology. I just got a new cup of coffee, and I’m taking a short break as a reward for getting through my inbox.

    1. Here’s a little secret… I loved blogging the few months before I left the 9-5. Like you, although I was in front of my computer for a large part of my workday, switching gears to write creatively over my lunch hour or before I left for the day felt like a nice break. I still enjoy writing but, now that I’m retired, I feel that there are so many ways to spend my day. It’s all about balance.

      1. It is often how I spend my lunch hour. I look forward to having more and more interesting things. I do find that when I’m on vacation, I find less time to write, even if I’m just working around the house.

  11. Spending less time blogging is something I did last year. I ended up spending a lot more time reading and will probably continue this year.

  12. Revise and adjust… absolutely! Ms CEO and President. (love that)

    I’m actually surprised but given where I am the next couple of months (recovery and frigid temps), I’m finding more time to read and write blogs (I type as I’m curled up on the couch under a blanket). My personal goal has always been one post a week (successful about 75% of the time) and I’ve been simply amazed when folks get out 2 or more (good posts) a week. So I totally understand you’re pulling back.

    I love your gratitude focus and am glad you’ll keep that up in some way. Photography baffles me – but I can understand the fascination others have with it. Enjoy the passion-ette!!

    1. Posting one or two times a week sounds like plenty. I follow a few people who post 6 – 7 times every week. I wonder what else they do during their day (I also often don’t read every one since my email inbox is already on overload). Your self-care and the weather are both great reasons to slow down and enjoy curling up on the couch.

  13. I totally agree, Janis. I’ve been thinking about my goals (not resolutions) for this year. Two of them were easy to come up with but the 3rd has been harder. It gets down to what do I want to do with my life? Blogging and photography are definitely part of it, but blogging, although I enjoy it, is time-consuming. So is photography when that includes downloading, organizing and editing. I guess I’m thinking of what legacy I want to leave and for whom.

    Taking time for gratitude is an excellent idea, and it doesn’t have to take much time. It’s just a question of making time FOR it.

    Great post!

    1. That legacy question is a great one! We don’t have kids but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want my life to have meaning and value beyond the few years I am on the Earth. Hmmm sounds like a great subject for a post πŸ™‚

      I’ll be interested to know if you come up with an answer for yourself.

  14. Looks like our new approaches to our blogs are at opposite ends of the spectrum. Now that my retirement date has finally come, I plan to spend more time in front of the computer screen. I’m totally in there with the “tortured writer” comment though. Sometimes grasping the right word is like pulling teeth. I look forward to the new format.
    Have fun

    1. I imagine that you’ll go through many of the same transitions that many of us retired folks do, and I hope you write about your experience. I’ve found lately that many of the bloggers I follow who have been retired for a while are feeling a little overwhelmed too. However it goes, the important thing is to make your retirement yours. Have fun!

  15. I liked everything about this post… the gratitude, the simplification, the energy, and the thrill of retirement and all the doors it opens. Enjoy. And, yes, life shouldn’t be lived in front of a screen!

  16. Janis, I loved your series of gratitude posts in December. The essays were thought-provoking and upbeat. I can understand your decision to spend less time in front of the computer; I too sometimes feel that blogging takes a lot of my time (not just the writing, but also the reading and commenting). But, just to be the dissenting voice, I would rather read occasional longer pieces than frequent β€œshort snappers.” However, whatever you do, I will still be reading!


    1. I really appreciate your input. We’ll see how everything goes. I don’t expect all my Tuesday posts to be short, but I wanted to give myself permission not to stress out about writing brief ones. My posts on other days will be whatever length they decide to be.

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