GratiTuesday: Rainy Days

Southern California hadn’t had significant rainfall since May of 2017, when we received just under an inch. Then yesterday, a strong sub-tropical storm sent both wind and rain our way – bringing much-needed moisture to our parched region.

My husband and I removed our grass and other thirsty plants from our landscaping and installed drought-tolerant succulents years ago. But, even though these elegantly architectural plants can survive on little water, they also welcome the rain; catching and displaying the droplets on their broad, fleshy leaves.

Agave attenuata
Agave ‘Blue Glow’
Aeonium arboreum ‘Zwartkop’

I am grateful for the end of a long dry spell, and I hope for more rainy days before too long.

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54 thoughts on “GratiTuesday: Rainy Days”

  1. Yay for the rain. I know you were “craving” it for nature. 🙂 Rain there, snow here… Dod you know that “Zwartkop” is Dutch of “black head”? Enjoy your singing, but don’t forget the umbrella!

  2. We’ve had rain non-stop for days, Janis. I would be delighted to send you some!
    BTW – I love your new watermark for your photos! Another victory from our bloggers’-get-together.

    1. I’m afraid that our rain is headed out, but it was nice while it lasted (at least here, I know they are having real problems up north). With my shorter GratiTuesday posts, I can take more time on my photos, including adding the watermark. And, you’ll notice that I still have comments… I listened to you 🙂

  3. Beautiful pictures! Glad you got some rain, California has sure had a rough year. I saw on the news that there have been mudslides in the same area as the fires. Hope you are far away from all of that.

    1. We are fortunate to have been out of the fire areas and, now, out of the mudslide areas. Southern California so desperately needs rain, but those poor people who have had to endure both fire and rain are dealing with unimaginable challenges.

  4. Lovely photos. We have a succulent in our garden and I always love to see the drops of rain glistening in the cup-like leaves. Ahhhh. Thanks for bringing some greenery into my winter day.

    1. One thing I love about following various blogs is seeing the way different seasons look all over the world. I’ve enjoyed seeing pictures of lovely, snow-covered landscapes… without having to endure the cold. How does your succulent do in the winter?

  5. Happy for your rain, but so sad to see what happened in Southern California. And, after they were already devastated by the fires. Seems like the Caribbean is getting the double whammy also, first hurricanes and now earthquakes. Thanks for the reminder to count our blessings. Your photos are really pretty and I love the watermark!

    1. It’s hard to imagine how difficult it would be to suffer such devastation. I hesitated a bit to write a positive post about the rain knowing what those people up north were going through, but rain is such a cherished event around here.

  6. Thank goodness for the rain. I’d heard SD was supposed to get rain, and it’s been raining and cool in NorCal too. It rains a little every day here in Hilo, at different times , but for short bursts. Janis, I love your photos, and noticed your cool watermark. Fab job on post editing.

  7. Devils advocate here: I thought you were gonna close comments on Gratituesday posts.
    I’m reducing my own blogger presence so I’m probably noticing this deet more than most!
    take care end enjoy the moisture

    1. The weather has changed everywhere and it’s very worrisome. Our weather forecasters keep talking about our “average precipitation,” but I don’t think it’s been “average” for quite some time. No snow yet where you are?

  8. Really beautiful photographic treatments, Janis. I’ve been watching the dramatic weather in CA this year and am just amazed by what’s transpired in all parts of the state. Someone has to watch on the east coast because we all know who ISN’T watching for caring! Stay dry and safe! – Marty

    1. It really has been an incredibly eventful season in California. The poor people who first had to deal with wildfires (and were relieved that their homes still stood) now have to deal with rain and mud. Fortunately, in my corner of the world, all is well and my plants are happy.

  9. Your photography passionette is clearly alive and doing very well indeed in these photos of your succulents. They’re gorgeous, Janis.

    1. I think more and more areas that have never had to deal with drought conditions before will soon feel the impact of climate change. I just heard a story on NPR about certain companies that are finally paying attention to their water use.

  10. I’m grateful that Mother Nature gave you the opportunity to create such beautiful art! Your garden comes alive in the rain. Hope you don’t see mud coming your way.

  11. Your photos are beautiful. I wonder how your increased rainfall will affect your drought-resistant plants. Make them stronger, I hope. Give you the opportunity to snap more interesting photos, for sure.

    1. Unfortunately, the rain came and went fairly quickly. We aren’t seeing anything more in the forecast for quite some time. The recent rain was much appreciated but the drought continues and our plants will get along with what our drip system provides.

  12. Janis, I am curious whether you can recommend a link to an explanation of how to add a watermark to a photo? Yours look great.


    1. Thank you! Do you currently use a photo editing program (PicMonkey, Lightroom, etc.)? I added the watermark in PicMonkey since it’s pretty easy (I do my main editing in a program called Luminar). I’ll be happy to help you out if I can (I think you have my email).

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