GratiTuesday: Walkie-Talkies

Walking is my favorite form of exercise and, fortunately, our neighborhood offers safe places to walk along with a reasonable number of hills. My regular 1-hour, 3-mile walk is the perfect time and distance to listen to one of my favorite podcasts. But, as much as I enjoy listening to This American Life, the Ted Radio Hour, or Planet Money, I usually prefer to walk with a partner… and my favorite walking partner is my husband.

Walking gives us a chunk of uninterrupted time to just talk. Our discussions range from mundane household topics to plans for upcoming events to political and social issues. But, whatever we talk about, there are no computer screens, phone calls, or other distractions competing for our attention. It’s just us and whatever we want to talk about… or not. I enjoy just walking together in silence too.

I am grateful that my husband likes to join me on my walks and that we both relish the time we can spend just being together.

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  1. These walk sounds perfect, Janis. Physical fitness, mental fitness and relationship fitness all in one!

  2. Nice. 🙂 I walk by myself with ear buds. My husband has a bad ankle that can’t be fixed so long walks mean lots of pain for him. You and your hubby are lucky, and it’s nice that you recognize that. Here’s to many more walks together. 🙂

  3. We love walking together like that too but in our city you have to be alert to your surroundings and the weather always! Can’t wait for Spring!

    1. I do feel quite lucky to have a safe place to walk… although I do need to remind myself to look both ways before crossing a street 🙂 Yes to spring! I can’t wait for the time change either so I’ll be able to walk later in the evening.

  4. Cute photo! John and I walk six days a week and enjoy spending that time together, just as you do. There is one big difference. You do three miles in an hour, and we go only two. For John’s sake, I wish I could walk as fast as you do. He is very patient with me.

      1. Slowing down allows me to BREATHE! So far, when I’m not breathing, I’m panting. I don’t want it to get to the point that when I’m not breathing, I’m dead.

  5. My husband and I hike every Sunday. It’s our time together. Mostly, we walk in silence, just being together with no interruptions. If a touchy subject needs to be broached, this is when we do it. I love this time with him. Afterwards, we kick back for the rest of the afternoon, then go to dinner. Date day.

  6. If the weather is extreme, my wife and I will just go to one of the stores and just walk around creating wish list and Christmas lists. We are usually pretty good about not buying.

  7. My husband and I love to walk together, too, and we miss it this time of year when weather makes it challenging. I can’t wait to get back to it! We do have a lovely winter walk we can take but it has been too cold to even do that recently. To make up for our lost time together walking we are having a winter cribbage tournament. Not as much exercise but lost of fun!

    1. I can’t imagine the self-talking I’d have to do to get myself out the door when the weather is extremely cold. Fortunately, we don’t have to deal with that here. Having a cribbage tournament sounds like a great substitute!

      1. It is not only difficult but for me not even healthy to be out in below zero temps. I tend to start wheezing and have trouble breathing. We’ve had fun with the cribbage tournament. Lot’s of silliness midst the dark, winter days.

  8. Had to laugh at the coincidence when I read your comment regarding the 3-mile walk, as we have just calculated the walks we do here in France, and they are 4.6 km or approximately 3 miles! Today’s one even had a small amount of sunshine to spur us on. With the added motivation to buy a fresh baguette at the baguette machine in the village as we went along around the loop. Good to have a hill or two, which is lacking here, though not when we get back to Spain!

    1. I am envious of your walks! We have some areas with nice views on our walks, but nothing like yours! And… a baguette machine! Every neighborhood should have a baguette machine! I always look forward to your posts and pictures from your walks – no matter where you are!

      1. Thanks Janis, I enjoy reading yours just as much! We have more challenging weather here than down in Southern Spain!! Though just as rewarding especially having a fun option such as the baguette machine 🙂

  9. I feel the same way, my husband is my favorite hiking partner. It’s something we both enjoy. And, it’s not just the hike, but the planning and reflecting on it afterwards

  10. I like your photo, Janis. Very creative 🙂 Your walks sound so enjoyable.
    Not that I’m objecting, but I know how difficult it is to respond to all these comments when they all say pretty much the same thing. Did you change your mind and decide not to disable your GratiTuesday comments?

    1. I know, Karen. I am still debating that decision. I love getting comments and sometimes they can change my thinking about a subject. But, even if they don’t, they feel like little gifts. We’ll see… maybe on for some, off for others.

  11. I look forward to when Z-D and I can have walks like yours. It sounds so peaceful and productive to me– instead of our current chaotic and jumbled approach to life. I dream.

  12. My husband and I rarely walk together but occasionally we have breakfast, just the two of us. For some reason (maybe because we are morning people) it’s always interesting and delightful.

  13. There was an ad campaign years ago for a popular sports brand. I have them posted in my home to view daily. One read – walking isn’t just good for your heart, it’s good for your soul. I find walking to be very meditative. I do some of my most creative thinking on the 2-mile walks. Another read – I believe you can walk away from your problems…. There are times when I think that all would be well if I could just go for a walk. My body breathes a sigh of relief when the shoe rubber hits the road. Walking is one of the “two-fors” in my life, providing exercise, fresh air, meditation.

    1. I love those quotes about walking! There is something very meditative about walking, especially when I’m alone. Although I enjoy listening to podcasts, I also walk completely unplugged when I have something to think about (like a personal issue, an upcoming trip or a blog post). I’m glad that you find walking so beneficial too. Thank you for your lovely comment!

      1. Well yes, him taking a picture is my chance to catch up! Then I can sigh long sufferingly when it involves complicated lens changes. Occasionally we have a proper conversation 😉

  14. That’s really nice you both do it together. We don’t do it because the gym is nearly a regular occurrence for us, and it’s hard to even bring up a walk after that. But it’s really not the same experience at all. Good for you both for making that a regular activity. – Marty

  15. I love the photo, Janis! And, I totally agree with your gratitude post, as always. 🙂 For the same reasons, I enjoy walking the dog(s) we pet sit, with my husband. It’s a nice time to catch up and spend quality time together. As a matter of fact, in recent months, that particular hour-long daily walk has been the highlight of most days!

    1. Dogs are a great motivator for walking (although I know you and Mark don’t need much motivation to get outside) and they help make it more enjoyable too. I bet many of your temporary dogs get a lot more exercise with the two of you than they normally get with their permanent humans.

      1. They sure do, Janis, except for Oscar back in Colorado. It was hard to keep up the three walks a day there. 🙂 And, you are right, we enjoy being outside, which is more fun with dogs. Hence, we don’t see the dog sitting or duties as work, which is one of the reasons this lifestyle suits us so well. 🙂

  16. I consistently say I need to walk more. I walk with some girlfriends now instead of meeting up for coffee or lunch. We do a Walk & Talk! I have not gotten in habit with hubby. He walks the dog or I walk the dog, but rarely do we walk the dog together! Your post is inspiring …maybe this spring we will do some together walks. Right now it is below freezing and snowy…not walking weather at all. My Walk & Talk next week is at the mall before the stores open! But spring will come….

    1. It must be frustrating when snow gets in the way of doing something enjoyable. Spring will be here before you know it and then you can go on a few walkie-talkies with your husband and see how it goes. But, girlfriends are great to walk with too.

  17. Cute title and photo, Janis. Walking is perfect for maintaining fitness, managing stress, and building relationships. Walking is my lifestyle. Fortunately, my husband prefers walking, too so neither one of us owns a car! We walk to get around and as a mutual leisure activity.

  18. Walking is such great exercise! Walking with someone is a fun way to catch up, that is if your partner walks the same pace as you 🙂 Hans walks a little slower so I end of walking ahead of him, LOL! Keep up the good work, Janis!

  19. I am also a bit champion of walking! It’s a beautiful, gentle exercise, and have just found out that nature itself is very good for mental health (just done a blog post about fresh air and why it is scientifically proven to be good for you! Pretty enlightening!). I always go for walks by myself, though – I love allowing my mind to roam free!

  20. Although I tend to be a multitasker, when it comes to walking, I always go unplugged. I love being outdoors, and the feeling of being present in the moment.


    1. Since my “normal” walk follows a similar suburban path (think streets through neighborhoods), sometimes listening to a podcast makes it more interesting. If my walk includes more natural settings, I’d definitely go unplugged.

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