A Very SoCal Christmas #WordlessWednesday

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71 thoughts on “A Very SoCal Christmas #WordlessWednesday”

      1. Arrived Friday home Tuesday. She did, it’s gorgeous. I found a mother of the bride dress, too at the same store. I enjoyed your 65 degree warmth and sunshine! It’s nice to have another white Christmas though.

  1. Perfect Janis! We drove up the California coast a bit on our way back home a couple weeks ago. Didn’t get as far South as SD, but enjoyed spending a night in SLO and driving through the red woods. Cold and rainy, but at least we did it after too many years.

  2. So fun! This might be our last Christmas in Florida (providing our home sale goes through) and it’s 22 degrees. That’s just not right, LOL. So thank you for the beachy holiday greeting! Wishing you a joyous Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

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