GratiTuesday: A Glorious Day

A beautiful spring day, temperatures in the low 70s, a cloudless blue sky, four friends who have known each other since elementary school, and a -0.81 low tide making the beach wide and the tide pools inviting.

Dear friends and walking buddies.
Clown fish
Scripps Pier
Scripps Pier
Scripps Pier
Rocks exposed during low tide.
Looking south towards La Jolla Cove.

I am grateful for the beauty of this day and the company of dear friends.

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82 thoughts on “GratiTuesday: A Glorious Day”

  1. I Love, Love, Love these photos….and your watermark. What a perfect day!

  2. Gorgeous photos, Janis. The one of Scripps pier is particularly evocative.
    I’d love to live near the ocean – not so much for the sight of water as for the sound. I think waves cresting and breaking would be a perfect accompaniment to sleep.

  3. Oh man! This is what you see when you go outside where you live? I’m jealous– or maybe more accurately I’m in awe. Beautiful photos.

  4. It doesn’t get any better than time spent with good friends outdoors in nature – especially when they are long-time treasured friends.
    I love, love, love your photos.

    1. Hi Liesbet! We were walking in La Jolla Shores… did you ever go there (if not, we’ll go next time you are in SD 🙂 )? Isn’t that mural great? Discovering it felt like I had found a little treasure.

      1. We never went to La Jolla Shores. I had no idea there were two distinctive beach areas there. All we ever explored was the part between La Jolla Cove and the tide pools. Yes, I’d love to check out that area.

  5. How cool that you and your friends can still be little girls exploring the mysteries of the beach together! And your photos of Scripps Pier are amazing.

  6. I have a few friends that have been my friends since the third grade. Something to be grateful for, for sure! My best friend and I have spoken on the phone nearly every day for the past 32 years! We are lucky indeed! ~ Lynn

    1. It’s nice to have friends with a shared history like that. I also like how the relationships evolve from childhood interests and experiences to adult ones. All four of us have taken quite different paths, but we are all happy with where we’ve ended up.

  7. So beautiful! I just spent a weekend at La Jolla Cove and it recharged my spirit! And immediately upon returning home I start wondering when we can return. I loved enjoying these beautiful photos and absolutely knowing what a wonderful time you had with your friends!

  8. OMG what amazing photos. I could see myself spending hours trying to capture Scripps Pier as lovely as you have here. And I adore that ‘Clown Fish’.

    1. You know, we have an ocean right next to us… you might want to sail right over and spend some time here 😎. Isn’t that clown fish great? We don’t have a lot of street art here so it was nice to happen upon a little beach art on our walk.

      1. I would Love! Love! Love! to sail your way and it is a possibility. The plan is Hawaii to Alaska and back down to California in 2021 but only heaven knows if that will happen.

  9. Both your friends and the photographs are beautiful. It’s wonderful to have friends we’ve known since our childhood.
    My oldest friendship goes back 61 years.

    1. I feel so lucky to have a rich history with these friends. To be sure, we traveled different paths as we made our way to adulthood, but we are all happy and healthy. I also have a dear friend whose friendship goes back 61 years, although she isn’t in the picture.

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