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Québec City – like most Canadian cities we visited on our recent road trip – is very bicycle-friendly. When we mentioned to our Airbnb host that we like to cycle, he recommended a ride that would take us from Lower Old Québec to Chute-Montmorency, Québec’s majestic waterfall on the Montmorency River.

Fortunately, Québec City not only has a wonderful network of hiking and bike paths, but they have several rental shops that are happy to provide bikes, helmets, locks, and a helpful map. For about $25 dollars (Canadian) each for a four-hour rental, my husband and I had everything we needed to explore the area via pedal-power.

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The ride to Montmorency Falls was a pretty easy one. Just under ten miles and fairly flat, it took us alongside the harbor, under and around railroad tracks, and through parks, residential areas, and some commercial zones. We made the ride on a Saturday but, because we started early, we didn’t have a lot of company on the trail.

Montmorency Falls Park is just a few minutes from downtown Québec City and is easily accessible by car (but, I really encourage anyone to go by bicycle if they can). There is plenty of parking, several picnic areas, and a visitors’ center where we picked up a map of the park and bought tickets for the aerial tram.

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The waterfall is 275 ft (84 m) tall, which is actually higher (98 ft or 30 m) than the Niagara Falls (as you will be proudly told more than once) and is truly spectacular. The park is really laid out nicely with well-groomed paths, a suspension bridge that spans the top of the falls, and an amazing 487-foot wooden stairway that hugs the side of a cliff. We opted to ride the aerial tram from the bottom of the park to the top of the falls and come back down via the stairway, but plenty of hardy souls take the stairs both ways. And, for the real adventurous types, there is a zip line across the falls and rock climbing opportunities.

Bike path home with Quebec City in the distance.
Bike path home with Quebec City in the distance.

After spending a couple of hours enjoying the falls, we returned to beautiful Québec City for our final afternoon and evening. We were happy to find that the main avenue had been closed off for a street fair and enjoyed several hours of music and people watching.

Then, to top off a glorious day, we were treated to a spectacular sunset. We had to leave in the morning for our next destination, but we knew that some day we’d be back.

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  1. It sounds like the park has been developed a lot since we were there 25 years ago! The falls were spectacular then, of course, but there wasn’t as much to do.

        1. Because I love reading your blog I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award. It’s no big deal if you don’t want to participate I wanted to share your blog with others. Have a great day.

      1. Since you were hands-on there, I was hoping you noticed whether or not it was ‘stamped’ or not. Even more delightful to my eye as it shows artistry and craftsmanship and yields beauty in the everyday environment of that city…

  2. Cool!! I didn’t know about the bike trails and the ride to Montmorency Falls. I would love to do something like that! I’ll just file that information away for our next trip to QC 🙂

      1. When I read your post I was out of town and I finally had a chance to ask Gilles about it. He didn’t know either!! It’s now “on the list” 😉

  3. Those are some spectacular falls. Beautiful! And, I love easy bike rides. I am a “flat lander” after all. Such a great excursion. You are really enticing me to go to Quebec City with all these stories and photos… 🙂

    Liesbet @ Roaming About

      1. We were looking for that as well, actually, but have now accepted a three month sit in Northern California. I wish we had some time in September to visit Quebec. Maybe, I can convince Mark to take a break from work that is longer than the 5 days we plan to spend in Acadia NP in Maine! 🙂

          1. Not the most exciting place, but then we are there, out west, and can be on the lookout for more intriguing future sits. We’ll be in the furthest suburb of Sacramento, a town called Rocklin. And, I did see palm trees on the Google images! 🙂 Where are you guys located?

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