Finding my happy place

Last week, Sammy over at Bemuzin, posted a list of ten things she loves and ten things she hates. She had been tagged by a fellow blogger to participate in the Love-Hate Challenge, then she tagged ten different bloggers to pass the baton to, including me.

Fortunately, she didn’t list “procrastinators” as one of the ten things she hates, because I’m a bit tardy submitting my lists to the blogosphere.

Blueberries definitely take me to my happy place!
Blueberries definitely take me to my happy place!

For my lists, I’m going to change it up a bit (Sammy also didn’t include “rule-breakers” on her hated list, so I think I’m in the clear). First, few things rise to the level of “hate” in my life, so I will modify my list titles a bit. Second, I’m not going to tag a new group. But, give some thought to compiling your own lists, it was a lot of fun!

Ten things that take me to my happy place:

  • Beginning the morning lazing about and cuddling with my husband
  • Sitting on my deck and enjoying the sunshine
  • Taking walks with friends for exercise and conversation
  • Starting a new book and, after just a few pages, realizing that it’s REALLY good
  • Our blueberry bushes bursting with berries
  • All the yummies we make with our blueberry harvest
  • Small get-togethers with friends – good conversation, good food, and good wine
  • Road trips
  • National Public Radio
  • Coaxing a contented purr from a kitty by scratching behind its ears

Ten things that harsh my buzz:

  • Guilt-tipping (I talk all about it here)
  • When people post controversial things on Facebook without checking its authenticity
  • Drivers who endanger themselves and others by texting or talking on their cellphones
  • Mean people
  • Cooked carrots
  • When I forget someone’s name and have to fumble around in my brain to retrieve it
  • Missing Stephen Colbert and, soon, Jon Stewart on Comedy Central
  • Gophers
  • Ever-shrinking seats on airplanes
  • People who don’t pick up their dog’s poop

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20 thoughts on “Finding my happy place”

  1. Hate IS an ugly word. I like the way you changed it up. I want some of your blueberries. YUM I was going to trade you cooked carrots for the berries but I guess that’s out. How do you feel about rhubarb? 💥😜

    1. Rhubarb wasn’t part of my diet growing up. I first tasted it in a pie when I was probably in my twenties. As long as it is accompanied by lots of sugar, I guess I like it. Come to think of it, I like carrot cake and the carrots are cooked in that. Sugar must be the key ingredient.

    1. We are slowly working our way through taped Daily Shows that were aired while we were on our three week road trip. Even though some of the topics aren’t completely current, I still enjoy them. I wonder if you can find old shows on the Daily Show website. If so, I may have to visit the site now and then after he is gone just to get my fix. I haven’t heard great things about his replacement, have you?

      1. No, but he came under a hailstorm of criticism of some very old tweets or jokes he made (I can’t recall which). Jon gave him a nice endorsement after that and the controversy died down. I’ll give him a shot, of course,

        Larry Wimore’s show has been a bit of a surprise disappointment for me so far, but I’ll continue to watch it for a while longer. Have you checked it out?

        1. We watched the first few shows and it didn’t click with us either. But, I remember not being all that crazy about The Colbert Show at first (hard to imagine now). Fingers crossed for Jon Stewart’s replacement.

  2. Good lists. I wager you like the NPR show “Wait, wait, don’t tell me.” Also, on the cooked carrots thing, try this – get a broiler pan and season and drizzle olive oil on fresh cut carrots, small potatoes and broil them. We sometimes throw fresh green bean stalks or asparagus on there as well.

  3. Totally with you on the good books, road trips, and of course, purring cats! And just say no to cooked carrots! Rhubarb WAS in our house when I was growing up. My Mom loved rhubarb pie, and I still don’t really get it !

    1. Although I don’t remember anything negative about the rhubarb pie I ate way back when, I haven’t been inspired to try it again. I don’t think rhubarbs are naturally sweet so it must take a ton of sugar to turn them into a pie filling. I’ll stick with blueberry pie.

  4. Blueberry bushes and NPR are definitely up there in my top 10 too!! There are fresh blackberry bushes near the dog park by my house and I have to admit my dogs get more walks because of them!💜

    1. Lucky dog and lucky you! I love the idea of picking wild berries – we don’t have that sort of opportunity where I live. The closest thing would be sneaking a few lemons or oranges from a citrus tree in someone’s front yard (not that I would ever do anything like that).

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