GratiTuesday: Our Adventures

On each of the four Tuesdays in December, I am highlighting what I have been most grateful for in 2017.

2017 has been an adventurous year for us and I am grateful for the many opportunities we had to get out and about. Some of the highlights (with links to previous posts) include:

Doing Rockabilly right!

Viva Las Vegas is an annual Rockabilly celebration that we have attended for the last few years. Some people go for the music, Some for the dancing, some for the fashion, and some for the vintage collections, including cars. Most go for a little bit of everything. I am grateful to the young people for keeping this genre alive… and making it their own.

In the spring, we spent five weeks in Oaxaca, Mexico. By staying in a single setting the entire time, we were able to better immerse ourselves in the culture (although, in many ways, we felt that we just scratched the surface). I am grateful for all the friendly, interesting people we met and the incredible sights we visited, and we look forward to returning to this remarkable city.

Quite different from the slow travel we experienced in Oaxaca, our travels to the Pacific Northwest and Alaska were jam-packed with activity. We enjoyed scheduled events, explored national parks, visited friends and family, and experienced the grandeur of glaciers. I am grateful for the freedom that retirement has given us so we can expand our time away to fit in everything we want to see and do.

And now we have just returned from our latest adventure in Northern California. We had a wonderful time exploring San Francisco, visiting family, hiking, and sampling delicious wines and champagnes in Napa Valley. I am grateful for the hospitality we enjoyed and grateful for our dear friends who took such good care of our home while we were gone.

It will be hard to top the adventures we had in 2017, but I am grateful for the opportunity to try.

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49 thoughts on “GratiTuesday: Our Adventures”

  1. Terrific post, Janis. I’ve loved your series of gratitude posts. Even though I read of your adventures through the year, there’s something different (and inspiring) about seeing them gathered together in one spot. May 2018 be so amazing that you need to write your gratitude series twice during the year 🙂

    1. Janis-
      I agree wholeheartedly with Karen. Guess that’s why I’m one of your (newer) followers. I have learned so much about the different ways to travel from fellow bloggers, as well as y’all providing me with different examples of inspirations that I can utilize to (finally) be a little more regular re my blogging habits.
      I hope I have made a start in this direction and that you might start following me. If nothing else, check out the two entries I have made in what I think will be a series on Las Vegas, if you have time. I hope you will find it interesting to see how the place has figured in my own personal history, and other ways that some people have found it to be a fascinating place.

      1. There are so many ways to travel, and we enjoy just about all of them! We’ll probably be heading back to Las Vegas this year for the Rockabilly festival so I’ll definitely check out your posts about that crazy city. Thank you for commenting and I look forward to reading more of your posts!

  2. I have to say that I’ve been to Vegas twice, and while I appreciate what it offers, I don’t see myself returning for quite a time. On the other hand, something like a Rockabilly party could change my mind!

    I’m with you on the ‘stay in one place’ kind of travel, as you know. Slow travel offers so much. Thank goodness we’re retired, so we can do that, right?!

    1. I agree about Vegas… the gambling scene and crowds hold nothing for us either. Fortunately the rockabilly event is held off the strip.

      We hope to do more slow travel next year too, I really like to immerse ourselves in an area for an extended period of time. And, yes, retirement allows us to slow down and savor.

  3. How right John Muir was in his statement!! Wonderful photos Janis. So happy to see us “oldies”, having fun 🙂 Here’s to 2018 and more challenges whatever they may be!!

      1. I certainly don’t feel like an “oldie” either!! The Squire is hitting that big 60 soon, and we thought how did that creep up on us so quickly 🙂 Definitely agree to keeping it up in 2018!

  4. You both had quite the year in 2017! I agree that it will be hard to “top”, but I am confident you will create many more amazing experiences at home and away in 2018! Exciting prospects for you and Paul – wishing you a fantastic, grateful and satisfying outcome for all the upcoming plans and travels in 2018!!

  5. Here’s to your continued exciting adventures in 2018. I look forward to following them!

  6. Beautiful photos, Janis! Like you, I feel so grateful to have good health and energy in my retirement to visit beautiful and fascinating places in this great world of ours.

  7. I know what you mean about mezcal. To me, it tastes like air pollution. Many more happy adventures to you guys in 2018.

  8. Wow, Janis! You really had a wonderful, adventure filled 2017! I’m hoping 2018 can be similar for us on the voyage, starting with Phoenix in January and Kauai in February! May your 2018 be just as fabulous! ~ Lynn

  9. Definitely much to be grateful for here. What a wonderful year you’ve had. I loved being with you virtually for your Pacific Northwest and Oaxaca adventures but I missed the Rockabilly Viva Las Vegas trip. Off to go read that post now! Happy New Year Janis! Big hug from Malaysia

    1. It’s been fun having you along… and virtually traveling on your adventures also! Your photos from Malasia were stunning and I look forward to more eye candy as you travel in 2018… and beyond. Happy New Year!

  10. How wonderful to have the time, resources, and good health to travel during retirement! There is so much to be learned by spending time in other parts of the world. Happy 2018!


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